Thursday, April 21, 2011

Market this Saturday

Hoping for good weather since we will be out-of-town the next few Saturdays. Yeah Portland, OR!! Meanwhile we will be at the All-Local Farmers Market from 8-12 this Saturday. We have Basil ready to grow, as well as many other good looking plants. Check the here for a complete list.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plant List for Saturday Market

Herb Plants Available this Saturday--APR 09, 2011, 8am to 12pm --

All Local Farmer's Market

Lemon Balm, Quedlinburger Niederliegende
Anise Hyssop (OG)
Catnip (OG)
Parsley, Forest Green (curly)
Parsley, Giant of Italy (flat)
Lavender, Lady
Lavender, French Long
Oregano, Greek
Sage, Common (OG)
Thyme, German Winter

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild Weather....Brrr!!

The weather has been pretty crazy so far this spring. The storm last night produced 70 mph winds and downed a few pine tree branches in our yard. The herb plants are all fine...but a few hostas were damaged.
Hopefully tonight will be the last real freeze warning for the season. We have used the red warmer lamp way more than we planned. It did come in very handy. Now that the tunnel is getting full of plants we may have find other methods to keep the babies warm.

Herb of the Week - 04/04/2011

It's been a while for Herb of the Week. We have been very busy this spring keeping the little plants happy and healthy. So, without further ado, this weeks herb is a favorite of our feline companions. You guessed it... Catnip! Kitties of the world unite! Have your people plant you some catnip ASAP. Catnip is an easy perennial to grow in sunny areas with moderate soils. The plant attracts benefical insects to your garden...and possibly even the neighbors cat:)